The Milwaukee-Lionel Railroad Club, Inc.
is pleased to present this twenty-third in a series of
limited edition Milwaukee Road Cars.




This car was developed by the members of the Milwaukee Lionel Railroad Club to promote Breast Cancer Awareness.

In 2007, Wisconsin & Southern created a car promoting the strides against cancer, and it rode the area rails. No expense was spared in making this prototype car special. It was completely sand blasted, and an epoxy primer coat was applied before the durable urethane color coat. The roof was also treated with a urethane silver coat to help prevent rust from bleeding down the sides.

Our car is manufactured by Lionel LLC, based on their PS-1 boxcar. It will feature sprung metal trucks with operating couplers, hidden uncoupling tabs, metal brake wheel, separately applied metal underframe details, opening doors, light gray roof, pink car body color similar to the Lionel Girls set hopper, and distinctive Milwaukee Road markings to continue the fallen flags series/theme.

To celebrate the 2016 issue of our breast cancer awareness car, the Milwaukee Lionel Railroad Club will donate16% of the profit from this sale to the
Kelly Jo Dowd Fund for breast cancer research.

Minimum 0-31 curve, Length approx.  11 1/4”

2016 Issue Lionel # 6-58263


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