Club Car 23

The Milwaukee-Lionel Railroad Club, Inc.
is pleased to present this twenty-third in a series of
limited edition Milwaukee Road Cars.

O-Gauge Flatcar with Auto Frame Load (AFL)

Add excitement to your “fallen flags” trains with this Milwaukee Road O-Gauge Flatcar with Auto Frame Load. Originally a bicycle company, AO Smith built their first auto frame in Milwaukee for the peerless Motor Co. in 1902.  Competing with 6 other frame companies they received a contract from Henry Ford in 1906 to build frames for the Model N Ford automobile.  That was the beginning of AO Smith becoming the largest manufacturer of auto frames in the US.  During World War I and II they changed their production lines from frames to war time use.

The Big 3 car companies in the 50’s and 60’s had AO Smith manufacturing auto and truck frames on a 24/7 schedule.  In the 70’s and 80’s cars were switching to unibody construction, and in the 1990 the last full size car frame was produced for Cadillac.  They continued with frames for trucks and SUV’s until they were acquired by Tower Automotive in 1997.  Working out of the North Milwaukee Station and Glendale Yards the Milwaukee Road made up long trains to ship the frames to the proper automobile manufacturer.  This type flatcar and many others were used in the early production years.

Minimum o-27 curve, Length, appox… 11-1/4 “

This classic flatcar was developed in association with the Milwaukee-Lionel Railroad Club and will be manufactured by Lionel LLC (#6-58591).  Included will be die-cast sprung trucks, magnetic operating couplers, and metal brake wheel.

2014 issue 6-58591

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