Club Car 15

The Lionel Railroad Club of Milwaukee, Inc.
is pleased to present this fifthteen car in a series.

Limited Edition

The NEW Milwaukee Road Std-O PS-2 Covered Hopper Cars

Add more excitement to your "fallen flags" unit trains with these Milwaukee Road PS-2 2-Bay Covered Hoppers. These two 70 ton hoppers with eight round loading hatches were built by Pullman - Standard #99607 in 1954 and #98809 in 1958. Although all were painted gray the Milwaukee Road paint shop would have used unique colors to promote its name across the country. Here they are. These hoppers were developed in assciation with the Milwaukee Historical Association, Milwaukee Lionel Railroad club Inc. members and will be manufactured by Lionel LLC. Included will be hidden uncoupling tabs, die cast metal ends center sil with opening roof hatches.

2005 issue

6-52400 #99607 Orange

6-52401 #98809 Yellow

'Sold Out'

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